​​Our specialized Real Estate practice has an acute appreciation of the unique demands of one of India's most heavily regulated sectors. We represent developers & project owners, as well as main contractors and specialist sub-contractors.

OUR SERVICES INCLUDES (But not limited to): -

  1. Contesting of Builder Buyer Disputes and

  2. Filing of RERA Complaints in  Jaipur.

  3. Landlord and tenant Disputes 

  4. Enforcement of Mortgage and Redemption of Mortgage

  5. Partition cases of Agricultural and Non Agricultrual Land

  6. Legal Due  Diligence of Argicultural/Non Agricultural/residential/commercial properties 

  7. Property Registration of sale deed, Will, lease deed, Mortgage deed 

  8. Legal Opinion on Land acquisition, land use Policies & Development Laws  

  9. Builder Buyer Disputes resolution  through filing before cases before Multi Jurisdiction Courts


Whether a sensitive merger or acquisition, cross-border investments or the regulations enforced on them, we keep vigilant and wise, handling your affairs with our sharp eye for detail. We structure, negotiate and then document the financing seamlessly for you.


The team advises and assists clients on:

  1. Entry strategy;

  2. Legal structuring;

  3. Assistance in obtaining approval/clarification from FIPB/RBI, or other Governmental authorities, as applicable;

  4. Assistance in incorporation of legal entities;

  5. Assistance in obtaining various registrations, licenses, approvals, permissions, etc.;

  6. Assistance in compliance of various laws/regulations, as applicable;

  7. Assistance in secretarial compliance;

  8. Assistance in conducting legal audits;

  9. Drafting, negotiation and finalization of various vendor contracts, services contracts, etc.


Filing of complaints  under IT Act for any of the following Cyber crimes:-

  1. Section 43: Penalty of damage of computer, computer system, etc.-

  2. Section 65:. Tampering with computer source documents

  3. Section 66: Hacking with computer system

  4. Section 67: Publishing of information which is obscene in electronic form.

  5. Section 72: Penalty for breach of confidentiality and privacy

  6. Section 73: Penalty for publishing Digital Signature Certificate false in certain particulars.


With the constant number game and business troubles on your mind, we help share your workload documenting, auditing and reviewing paperwork or procedure. Our team works with you closely so that you can focus on running a profitable business.


We offer:


  1. Loan and Credit Documentation

  2. Inter-Creditor Agreements

  3. Filings and Registrations

  4. Corporate Governance & Regulatory Advice 


​​With one of our core specialty being Arbitration, we solve disputes with fairness and flair. Our teams specializes in:

  1.  Drafting of Arbitration Agreement

  2. Contesting of Arbitration Disputes

  3. Appointment of Arbitrator by the Court

  4. Challenging of Arbitral Award       

  5. Execution of Arbitration Award


We advise our clients on India’s comprehensive environmental laws pertaining to recycling, hazardous waste management (by hospitals, clinics, manufacturing industries etc.), water and air pollution, forest and timber regulations, handling of chemicals etc.

We assist a variety of clients with regulatory compliance, enforcement actions, and civil litigation in all aspects of environmental and natural resources law. We represent businesses of all sizes, from large companies to sole proprietorships, nonprofit organizations, trusts and estates, governmental entities, individuals and trade associations in litigation, regulatory and transactional matters.


The following statutes regulate the functioning of the insurance sector in India:

  1. The Insurance Act, 1938

  2. The Life Insurance Corporation Act, 1956

  3. Marine Insurance Act, 1963

  4. General Insurance Business (Nationalization) Act, 1972

  5. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) Act, 1999


We also advise companies for defining their strategy to enter into insurance sector in India, including investment structuring, the insurance regulatory framework and obtaining the requisite approvals. We advise our clients on the specific laws applicable as per the situation they face. Apart from the insured ones, we also have a success in representing certain insurance companies in Tribunals and other forums. We have also extensively worked with the insurance regulator i.e. Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (“IRDA”), on various policy and regulatory issues.


The world, as we see today, runs on technology and depends on the same for granting, gaining and securing of essential information. Such information is inclusive of any kind of personal information concerning an individual and such information needs to be protected. Data Protection is covers the mechanism of securing any such data. DP Laws also include laws relating to privacy and information management.

Our diverse team has specialists in Cyber Law and Data Protection having read both International as well as domestic data protection mechanism.


We have a deep understanding of the interplay between intellectual property rights and the practical needs of your business. Our philosophy is to focus on protecting and enforcing IP in order to advance your business interests and increase shareholder value.

Our Intellectual Property & Technology Practice is driven by a total commitment to client success and satisfaction. We achieve this by offering practical and strategic advice, working closely with you to plan, develop and protect your intellectual property.