Our Inspiration

Our inspiration

Late Shri Ganga Lahari Pareek (01/03/1923 – 26/07/2011)

Late Shri Ganga Lahari Pareek (01/03/1923 – 26/07/2011) was a Designated Senior Advocate based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. With a career ranging of more than 50 years, he appeared at Supreme Court, Rajasthan High Court, Calcutta High Court, various tribunals and the Lower Courts. He was one of the topmost advocates in the field of Land Acquisition, Real Estate and Labour Law and was well known for his impeccable drafting skills across the state of Rajasthan. He authored a book on Public Interest Litigation named as Supreme Court on Public Interest Litigation in the year 2010, which received an overwhelming response.

Shri G.L. Pareek completed his LL.B. with a Gold Medal from the prestigious Meerut University at the erstwhile United Provinces (present day Uttar Pradesh). Thereby, he started his legal practice from the year 1955. In the year 1999, he was designated as a Senior Advocate by the Rajasthan High Court. He unfortunately passed away in the year 2011 aged 88, leaving a legacy which will not be matched in the years to come. His zeal for his profession and hard work inspires us to work hard, strive for the best and keeps us going.

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