White Collar Crimes, Forensics & Investigations

Mr. Keval Sheth holds a prominent position as the head of Forensic Accounting, Fraud Prevention, and Investigations at GLP. With his expertise and extensive experience, he plays a pivotal role in supporting fraud prevention and fraud investigation assignments within the organization.

Keval has conducted Fraud Risk Assessments for numerous clients across various sectors, including Procurement, Sales, Finance & Accounts, Information Technology, and Human Resources & Payroll. His proficiency extends to leading investigations into banking and insolvency frauds, as well as corporate investigations. His broad range of investigation experience encompasses diverse cases such as NPA investigations, white-collar crimes, bid-rigging, dual employment, data theft, and sexual harassment.

These investigations involve employing advanced techniques such as digital forensics, market intelligence, asset tracing, forensic data analytics, fund trail analysis, and background checks. Keval has also been entrusted with conducting investigations on behalf of regulatory authorities such as Income Tax, RERA, GST, SFIO, and CBI.

Notably, he has led two of India’s largest-ever banking fraud investigations, dealing with fraud amounts of $1.7 billion and $2.2 billion. In these cases, he provided support to CBI and SFIO in their investigations and his team testified as expert witnesses in a US court of law to halt the bankruptcy proceedings of related entities.

His reputation and expertise have led to his appointment by Home Buyers to conduct investigations on a Real Estate Project registered under Karnataka RERA, following a Court Order received. Additionally, Keval has offered his investigation services to multiple RERA offices in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Haryana. Furthermore, Keval has spearheaded investigations involving shell companies on behalf of India’s two largest Stock Exchanges.

He has also led multiple investigations for banks and NBFCs concerning cases of defrauded borrowings. Moreover, he has supported various FMCG and Consumer Products companies in investigations related to counterfeit products. In addition to his investigative work, Keval supports Resolution Professionals and Committee of Creditors by conducting transaction reviews as required under sections 43, 45, 49, 50, and 66 of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC).

This demonstrates his comprehensive understanding of the legal and regulatory aspects associated with financial resolutions. With his vast experience and successful track record, Mr. Keval Sheth stands out as an invaluable asset in the field of Forensic Accounting, Fraud Prevention, and Investigations at GLP.

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