International & Domestic Arbitration

GLP boasts a formidable International and Domestic Arbitration practice, led by Aabhas Pareek. Aabhas, with his vast experience and in-depth knowledge of arbitration, has earned a stellar reputation not only in the international arbitration but also in domestic arbitration. As a member of prestigious arbitral institutions and organizations such as CIArb London, Rising Arbitrators’ Initiative (RAI), and Cyberarb, Aabhas brings exceptional expertise to the firm’s arbitration practice.

GLP has successfully represented and advised numerous parties from diverse corners of the world in multi-million dollar arbitrations, particularly specializing in Construction-related disputes. The firm’s track record of handling such high-stake cases demonstrates its ability to navigate complex legal challenges with precision and dedication. GLP’s proficiency in arbitration extends to both international and domestic spheres, offering clients a comprehensive and wellrounded approach to dispute resolution.

The arbitration team at GLP is a force to be reckoned with. Comprising highly skilled and result-oriented professionals, the team is driven to serve the best interests of their clients efficiently. Their proactive approach to resolving disputes ensures that clients receive top-notch legal representation throughout the arbitration process. The team’s commitment to delivering favorable outcomes has earned them praise and trust from clients worldwide, cementing GLP’s position as a go-to law firm for arbitration matters, both on a global and domestic scale.

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