Intellectual Property

Keeping in mind the increasing number of patents and licensing issues due to globalization and rapid expansion of businesses, the importance of IP law firms has only increased. Entrepreneurial start-ups are growing in numbers with unique yet often similar innovative designs, processes or product inventions. Therefore, this contrast has resulted in several lawsuits related to intellectual property rights. Due to this, outsourcing IP management is often considered beneficial for organizations.

When intellectual property is either the backbone of the company or may be violated through standard use within the business, a lawyer is almost constantly needed to field potential disaster away from the owners and managers. 

We offer a full range of legal services for the acquisition, commercialization, and enforcement of intellectual property and technology assets in the areas of Trademarks, Designs and Copyright, both in litigation and advisory roles.

We advise clients on commercial contracts relating to the exploitation of IP rights including strategic licensing, joint venture and collaboration documentation, Distribution, agency, supply, sponsorship and other commercial agreements.

Our Intellectual Property & Technology Practice is driven by a total commitment to client success and satisfaction. We achieve this by offering practical and strategic advice, working closely with you to plan, develop and protect your intellectual property.

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